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Maze Story

Your Adventure Awaits...


Smart & Vivid Mazes Guided by an Engaging Picture Story

A fun screen-free adventure that's sure to challenge the entire family!


A Variety of Premium Colorful Mazes

Featuring a rich and diverse world of mazes in growing difficulty and a variety of game elements.


A Story

Game elements and plot are slowly introduced with a cute picture story.


Smart Solutions for Smart Kids

Different game elements require different ways of thinking, making this a thought provoking delight.

2023-07-28 18.14.32.jpg

Axes & Trees

Explore the grasslands and learn how to use an axe to clear the path!

2023-07-28 17.59.11.jpg

Beautiful Scenery

From green grasslands, barren lands, white snowy plains and all the way to the sky, these mazes provide a vivid and colorful atmosphere.


Beware the Fire Fish

Sneak up on the fish while avoiding its fiery breath!

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