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Hints & Spoilers

While some of the fun is to figure things out by yourselves...
Here is a collection of hints in chronological order.

If something is still missing or not clear, feel free to post your question in the form below or use the site's chat.

  • What is the goal?
    In most levels, your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to get that red scrumptious strawberry. On levels where there is no strawberry, there will always be some interesting item or character to get to before you can move on to the next page.
  • Can I use pencils / pens / markers?
    Sure you can! But thanks to the unique maze design, you can easily navigate the wide and spacious paths with just a finger and a dose of imagination. This way you can replay the entire book again and share with friends & family.
  • How do I move between high and low ground?
    Use the small wooden ramps to climb up and down between the low and high grounds. Do not attempt to jump from the high ground to the low ground, it's very high and we have no extreme sports insurance cover.
  • Can I move diagonally?
    You cannot move diagonally. If you look closely, you can see that diagonal paths are either blocked by obstacles or are too narrow to pass through. Where there are no obstacles, you can freely move in 4 directions: Up, down, left & right.
  • How do I use the axe?
    Before one uses the axe, one must first reach it and pick it up. Once picked up, you can chop any tree that blocks your path. (Don't worry, all trees are made from recyclable imaginary materials) You can also cut down fences, but vandalism of fences is highly discouraged and might lead to a large fine in strawberries.
  • What does the woodsman want?
    The friendly woodsman requested that you bring him 7 logs of wood. It just so happens that every tree you chop down, yields a single log of wood. So cut down 7 trees and get to the woodsman. Don't worry about carrying them. These logs are as light as paper.
  • How do bridges work?
    Bridges are quite confusing at first and pretty fun once mastered. So take the time to understand how they work. You can climb up the bridge from on side, then climb down to the other side. You can also cross under the bridge. And of course, you can use the same bridge for both going under and over. However, you cannot climb up a bridge and jump down from its edges. Nor can you walk under a bridge and somehow go through it to the side. That would be madness!
  • Can I swim?
    Before you can enter the water, you need to pick up a tube or a snorkel. And while it may seem tempting to jump into the water from the high ground, please use the small boardwalks to enter and exit the waters. You can also use bridges to travel between ground and water.
  • Can I swim past sharks?
    Swimming inside a square where sharks reside has been proven scientifically to be unhealthy. You should always swim around them.
  • What about the blue dotted fins? Are those safe to swim past?
    Once you put on your snorkel and have an underwater peek, you see that the blue dotted finned fish are harmless. You can freely swim past them. Just don't forget to swim around the plain gray finned sharks.
  • Red chili peppers and why do I need them?
    Let's get the facts straight. As you can see, the water is very cold. Also, it is a well known fact that red chili peppers are hot. So simply consume 3 red chilli peppers to raise your body heat. Now, the cold water should be just what you need. Feel free to enter it.
  • What is this fire breathing fish?
    You don't have fire breathing fish from where you come from? I see. This is a silly species of fish that shoots fire in a straight line. Do be careful as fire is usually not pleasant to the touch. Meaning everything the fire touches is unpassable. Your goal, in a fire breathing fish level, is to reach the fish (from behind or its sides) without going through fire. Once you get to the fish, eat it and be on your way to the next page. On the next page you can see that the fish is gone. (Inside your stomach) Now go get that delicious strawberry!
  • How do portals / teleports work?
    These are magical devices created by the wizard. They allow you to travel quickly from one to the other. You enter one and in an instant you exit from its identical twin portal. There are 3 different types of portals. Each will teleport you to and from its identical twin.
  • What is this life-like cat?
    So you went into the red portal. But you turned up on the other side as... Well, let's just say that you're a real cat now! Don't worry, rumor has it that it is a temporary condition. On the upside, real cats are much better at climbing very tall ladders.
  • What does the ladder do?
    Ladders don't do anything. They just stand there. You on the other hand, are a real cat. A real cat that loves to climb things. Reach it so you can climb it to the next page! That is, if you really want to reach the next page.
  • How do I move between clouds in the sky levels?
    Sky levels are a quite different from what you've encountered so far. By eating fragments from the clouds you can launch yourself from cloud to cloud. No diagonals though. Only up, left, right or down. Also, do not crash into walls. This is generally good advice to take anywhere.
  • I have a question that is not covered here!
    Feel free to ask in the form below or the site's chat :)
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